The Creation of my Online Identity

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn, WordPress… Surely you would have heard of at least one of these online or social media platforms. I for one am a regular user of three of them every single day. And now with university back in full force I am now finding myself using another two platforms more regularly. Each of these different platforms form my own individual online identity, which is continually growing and expanding. And it all starts with a device. The image below was taken on my iPhone of my MacBook pro and iPad with both of them having my online platforms visible on screen. I felt it was necessary to add into the post to show you what devices I use for my online world. Notice the common purple theme across all platforms and I also use the same picture as my “profile picture” which is not of me just because I don’t have a professional type photo I’d like to use publicly yet.

Photograph taken by Jessie Hare, 28 March 2017.

Which leads me to a question that has been playing on my mind and is it turning into a serious issue… Can being online really be some sort of an addiction? I for one can not answer that, but Cover (2015, p. 215) discusses that “thinking about online time as being a time that one is at risk of becoming addicted involves problematic concepts which label digital media use as addictive”, so many people use digital media as a platform for professional use as well as personal. “On-screen activities, gaming, socialising online, or reading on-screen rather than on paper” (Cover, 2015, p. 215), seem to all be reasons that will give you the label of digital addict. In ways I agree but then again I also argue that being online is a positive tool. For university I am now finding myself on and LinkedIn as more of a professional tool. And especially twitter a lot more as well, as you can see below.

Tweets embedded from my @jessieharee profile respectively.

I have used these three tweets on my twitter profile, as my examples because university tutors are now using it as a teaching tool and even creating a unit “hashtag”. I’m finding this beneficial to my online identity because I can communicate with not only the tutors but other students as well. I also think by having the unit hashtag it makes an online community of people all interested in the same thing. The second tweet I used was also for another university unit I completed in 2016, I chose to tweet about that because it was in the moment and a trending hashtag. And I guess I wanted people to know that I was watching the Olympics online and keeping up to date via the internet. The third tweet I used was for an example of my online identity was a way to promote my personal blog. I think it is important to use online media to your own benefit, I wrote a blog so I obviously want people to go read it. What better way to let people know about the post than to post it on my social media accounts where they can easily access it. Also conveniently the post in the tweet relates back to whole online subject. I now find myself checking at least twice a day what’s going on with the people I follow. Whether I’m wanting breaking news stories or celebrity lifestyle, I will be able to find it on twitter. It’s all in the one spot.

I believe that it is quite clear and obvious that the whole online world is only going to keep expanding and forever changing like Pfitzmann said (cited in van der Ploeg & Pridmore, 2015, p. 14), “digital identities always grow, never shrink”. I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing though because people always want improvements and growth. So for me as I continued to expand my online identity I made a YouTube channel. For me I always enjoyed watching YouTuber’s with a large following and seeing their weekly content. Last year I went on a holiday and I took my camera along with the intention of coming home and creating my own video to upload online. I wanted make content I thought people might enjoy watching so that way I will be able to make more connections, and maybe create more social networking avenues for myself. The screenshot I’ve inserted below is a screenshot from a video I created. I wanted to use this as one of my online profiles because I wanted to have another type of platform to produce content.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 4.30.59 pm
Screenshot of ‘Bali Vlog 2016 | Jessie Hare’,, retrieved 28 March 2017.

For this blog post I got to try out a new website to add to my online identity world. I created my first canva slideshow which I enjoyed making. It’s based on my online identity and the difference between my professional platforms verses my personal platforms. It’s funny to think that even a site like this relates back to my online identity. I’ve added a screenshot below of the 5 slides but you can go into the link here for better quality.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 9.46.13 am
Online Identity‘ at Canva

Looking back at my social media platforms, the use of my private profiles like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat are where I post more of my personal stuff. Where all my close friends and family are so I obviously don’t communicate with them in a professional manner. Whereas my twitter account, LinkedIn and my page are more aimed to be used throughout my studies and career in the long term. Which brings me to the thought of media always changing and how my online identity will continue to grow and change. And that made me think of how media just never ends. ‘A web page is a media form, which is never entirely finished, just as identity composition is a continuous process – both are constantly “under construction” (Poletti and Rak, 2014, p. 34). I just feel like that makes so much sense to me in the media aspect. It will continue to grow and evolve, which in turn means my personal online identity will change too and that’s exciting. I don’t think anyone really knows where the online world will be in the years to come, I for one see no issue with that and will continue to use to every single day. And as I started this blog, it all starts with a device.

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My broader ALC203 – related online activity:

I’m trying to get more active with my online identity throughout ALC203. My most popular tweets that got the most activity are my header change tweet, new prezi screenshot and the 1st assignment tweet. I also made a canva presentation, which was a new experience and something I’ll continue to use.

Cover, R 2015, ‘Digital Identities: Creating and Communicating the Online Self’, 1st edn, Academic Press, London, England. Pp. 215.

Van der Ploeg, I & Pridmore, J 2015, Digitizing Identities: Doing Identity in a Networked World, Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group, New York, NY. Pp. 14.

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Get your head in the MOJO game

Journalists need smartphones in this generation of news. “Mojo” which stands for mobile journalism, is now one of the most used ways to produce news. I would agree that it’s very important for journalists to always have their smart phone handy out in the field. You might not have all your crew and equipment with you when a story breaks, all you need is your smart phone and little products to help you create a story. Take a look what two BBC journalists created using MOJO in this article.

Perfect example of what it takes to do MOJO.

The image above I came across can be found at this website. I think it’s a really useful tool for anyone who looking to get a start in their mobile journalism skills. It gives you a general overview of what can be done with a smartphone, and it really is quite amazing. Smartphones can give anyone instant internet access which allows you to be able to post to your media platforms.

Kids these days are starting out early with technology, they are able to access Facebook and other media platforms at the click of a button. This article by Ian Burrell discusses how millennials are now the biggest targets for online news. Which is another reason why smartphones for journalists are essential. Journalists are able to know who their audiences are and create appropriate content that’s relevant.

Smartphones are the perfect tool for fast and basic journalism.

In this video, they show you a basic overview of what you can do with your smartphone.

Jessie. H


Don’t lose sight of the fundamentals, journalists.

There’s a range of different media platforms more than ever these days, so it’s important for journalists remember the fundamentals when making their stories strong. From my studies in news reporting the words that will always stick with me are: impact, timeliness, proximity, conflict, currency, novelty and relativity of the story. Each of these points are relevant to all journalists wanting to create a strong story.

For journalists these days it’s beginning to be harder to get out their strong stories because digital media is much bigger nowadays. Looking at this graph below, it gives you an example of what the statistics look like for where people get their news from. New and digital media is only going to expand, so some print journalists are going to begin to struggle to gain readers. They just need to remember, what makes a story worth reading and good writing will attract people to continue to read their work.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 8.25.58 am
Retrieved from Digital News Report: Australia 2016 29 March 2017, Page 28 – University of Canberra.

It’s important for professional journalists to remember that it isn’t about how fast you can post the news story out there, but the quality of your work. This article I came across gives readers a quick insight on core principles journalists should follow. There are guidelines and ethics to follow as journalists, so that needs to be kept in mind whilst trying to make each story strong.

Here is a video I found of Dean Wright, Reuters Global Editor for ethics talk about online journalism.

Jessie. H

New media? Clickbait? Fake news?

This generation in a way is starting to move past the traditional media platforms because now breaking news stories are on your Facebook feed on your smart phone within minutes of the story breaking. For journalists it’s beginning to be traditional media vs new media. So I have found this image of a SlideShare I came across and it gives a quick overview of the differences between them.

What’s better? You decide.

Personally, I’d argue that it would be false for someone to say that in a multi-platform media environment the journalist’s ability to upload journalistic ethics and ideals has never been better. New media is forever changing and forever evolving into something bigger and better. I came across this post that I found interesting because Fron Nahzi talks about how issues in the new media world are beginning to be more about context and less about content.

Journalists have a role to research and investigate by getting the facts out first to the public. “Citizen journalism” is more popular these days because everyone has a smart phone and can get footage and post it instantly to social media. They aren’t professional journalists so generally they wont know about the ethics of journalism.

New media and technology is making it harder for journalists to be able stick to what’s right. “Fake news” comes into play with citizen journalism because people on social media will read anything with a “clickbait” title without knowing the facts first. It’s so important to read your news off credible sources, don’t be fooled by fake news.

Here’s a bit of a light hearted version of what “fake news” is from Ellen DeGeneres.

Jessie. H

Graduate Journalists, we’re looking at you.

Our media company is currently seeking a graduate journalist to join our team. Your role will be working across a range of platforms, from print media, television, radio and online. Not only are we looking for someone with the education and knowledge of our field. We want someone who can build on these tips that Jenna Goudreau discusses in this article, 10 tips for Journalists.

The image below sums up what it will be like to work through different media platforms. The nature of journalism is forever changing and every platform has different requirements that we want for our company. For print and online media, we want a creative flowing mind which will get people to click on the story and keep them reading. For television and radio platforms we are seeking someone who can talk confidently in front of the camera or over the microphone.

Image from Drew Darbyshire’s blog, Multi-Platform Journalism post.

On top of that it’s important for a successful journalist to have personable skills too, you will be out in the field interviewing people and finding stories. You must be able to communicate with people and be confident, all journalists need to be strong minded. Your job is to find the story, do the research and put pen to paper and prepare the story for all the different platforms.

Journalism is about getting involved and working hard. The more you experience, the more you’ll be able to learn and improve your skills.

I came across this video and it will give you a quick little insight into what it takes to be a journalist.

Jessie. H

What on earth is going on?

Recently there has been so much in the news regarding thefts within homes whilst the people that lived there were inside sleeping, cars have been stolen and even at times police were getting hurt in the process of trying to protect our towns.

I started my studies of Journalism this year which has led me to trying to stay up to date with not only world news but even local news. Now lately there hasn’t really been any news to smile about, or whenever there is something positive it is always overshadowed by something negative going on. I know the world isn’t always going to be rainbows, sunshine and happiness but it’s starting to feel like everything out there is just turning to shit.

A week or so a go, it was reported that police were after man after he had stolen a vehicle then proceeded to drive down the wrong way of a freeway. The vehicle he was in apparently only had 3 wheels and then later found dumped at a petrol station ONE suburb away from mine and he was then on the run.

What on earth is going on… How is that even happening. Yes he was eventually found but that’s not the point. I am sick to death of hearing about all the sad things that are happening around us and so close to home.

Even though I knew this bloke was apparently not in the best condition to be on the run and would be caught, the whole situation got me thinking. Since when was it thing to no longer feel safe in your own home, in a place where you’re meant to be able to unwind and put your feet up. How is it okay for complete and out of control strangers to make you question every slight sound you hear when you’re home alone at night. This is not okay.

Last night I came home after a long day out of the house and getting ready to celebrate my sisters birthday when I find out that my NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOUR GOT HIS CAR STOLEN FROM HIS FREAKING DRIVE WAY THE NIGHT BEFORE. I wasn’t at home that night so obviously I didn’t hear it going on, but f**k am I glad I didn’t stay at home that night.

Long story short… He woke up during the night to hear his work car window smash and take the spare to key to his Toyota hilux and then it drove away. Police have apparently said there are 15 year olds driving around the local streets picking the cars they are going to be able steal and sell off for money. And on top of that 2 other cars in the same street as us also had their windows smashed in.

What the hell.

This happened to my next door neighbour. This is as freaking close to home as you can get. No one was hurt and all that was taken was a car but that doesn’t make this okay. Do the police know who these kids are, did they catch them? I don’t know. But the thought of knowing that these kids are going out of there way during the night to steal cars for money is just fucked up. I can’t even comprehend this at all, the only thing that is making me feel slightly okay is that my car is a piece of shit that no one would want to steal because they would get no money for it.

But how my neighbour is feeling would be a completely different story, after finding out about all that had happened I haven’t got chance to speak to them. And right now I am home alone because my mum is away for work. It is just the worst feeling in the world, being so scared of going outside in the dark on your own, because who knows what’s out there or what could happen to you. People might think I am just overthinking things and paranoid… Well hell yes I am over thinking it, because the world is scary.

What are the parents of these kids doing, why aren’t these kids getting the support or help they need? Or what’s worse is once they are court because they aren’t adults they’ll get a little slap on the wrist and that’ll be that and then they are free to go and break the law again. I don’t know much about the legal side of things that go on in this country, but to me it seems as though these kids know that nothing will happen to them so they continue to do whatever the hell they want. Is there not someone that can lock these kids up for a certain period of time so they know that they are in the wrong, and that when they do get caught it isn’t just a warning and they get properly punished like they deserve.

I am just sick to death of seeing genuinely good people getting stuffed around by morons that are in this world, it is not fair. And somewhere along the line, they need to be stopped and put back in their place.

And not only that, other countries have suicide bombers and other horrific things going on making it even worse for the whole world. I just wish the world, especially Australia was a much happier and safer place to be in. Maybe one day, but I won’t get my hopes up. Xx Jessie

The Changing Nature of Journalism

ALJ112 Blog pic
Citizen Journalists are around us everyday.

To say that being a journalist is the same as it always has been would be a lie. Although I am a first year journalism student. I am constantly surrounded by social media, internet, television and newspapers involving things about the world.

I’ve found that social media is the biggest changing nature in journalism, newspapers are now putting their stories online and television news channels are putting their “breaking news” on the internet first before broadcasting the story.

Resulting in the newest power in journalism… A “Citizen Journalist”, say an incident takes place and there’s someone in the public already there. They have the first opportunity to take pictures and document it. This can be known as the “first draft of history”. Majority of the time the first person on the scene is someone who is in the right spot at the right time. They’re able to get the first pictures before reporters are there.

A pun that is social media labelled a drug.
Is Facebook’s decision to have live streaming good or bad?

Which leads me to what I believe the future of journalism is beginning to look like. Social media being the base platform for news worthy stories to come out on. For example recently in America there were shootings/deaths being live streamed onto the internet for anyone to see. Since when was it okay for journalists to post the footage let alone Facebook allowing people to live stream ‘real life’ deaths. This type of citizen journalism scares me, and this is where the profession of journalism is at right now.

It’s a competitive job field which makes sense for people wanting the the latest “scoop”. Yes we still have newspapers but it seems as if they could begin to slowly fade out and the social media pages for those newspapers will post solely on there.

Newspapers are one source which contains information but branch out to social media and you can find news from the internet, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They’re online websites which are accessible through smart phone apps as well which makes it easier to just whip out your phone rather than searching through a newspaper.

In one aspect citizen journalism is a great thing if it is done in a positive way and helps the news reporters. On the other hand, they aren’t professional journalists and at times they won’t have boundaries to be followed. Journalism is forever changing, and that won’t stop anytime soon.

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Dazed And Confused.

Isn’t it funny how you can be so sure and settled, and then one small thing makes you question everything?

As I sit here writing, whilst watching suits on Netflix, curled up in bed with a sore head. I am wondering what I’m missing out on in the world. Something on top of my list of thoughts is the countries I’ve never seen… Will I ever get to experience their land, their culture, their lifestyles?

Does anyone out there constantly find themselves setting goals, big or small yet they never actually accomplish them. Starting out small like, yes I will get out of bed today. Then yes I will get out of bed today and have breakfast. Then yes I will get out of bed today and have breakfast then exercise. Maybe I will set a day to study because I don’t have work or I don’t have to attend university. Or I will set massive goals like I will buy a new car next year or I will travel the world in 2 years. But all this just seems hard.

So so so many things I wish I could have already accomplished, I’m 20 years old and 21 in 5 months. I feel like I haven’t really done anything worth remembering. When I die, I want to  be remembered for something – not be the person who was kind of just there, no worth at all.

“You’re so young, you have so much time ahead of you, you will work it out!” No. Stop that.
I WANT TO EXPLORE THE WORLD, it costs money and takes time… Maybe one day I’ll make it to the other side of the globe.

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck. You don’t know what your next move is. You don’t know where you want to be. You’re happy and you shouldn’t have a reason to be sad yet, you are sitting there by yourself in the dark questioning every move you’ve ever made. Was any of it actually worth it and meant something?

I am surrounded by a wonderful loving family, a perfect boyfriend and beautiful friends who I adore. They are all going about their lives, achieving new things and proving that if you actually try… You can succeed.

I haven’t posted in a while, and I don’t know when I’ll post again. I know this wasn’t entertaining or even worth a read but I just felt like writing. But for now, I need to find myself and kick my butt into gear. Make myself a plan and stick to it. Bye for now xx

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