Links to my work for the Eastern Football League

I am interning with Eastern Football League (EFL) for the upcoming 2018 season for the media team. Throughout my time with the EFL I will be doing work that will be a valuable asset to my professional profile. So, below you will find links to pieces of work that I have done for the EFL … Continue reading Links to my work for the Eastern Football League


The Social Media Effect

What is it doing to the human race? Let us begin with looking at the article from the social media news website, the statistics of social media in Australia for August 2017. The top five most used platforms were Facebook with 17,000,000 users, YouTube with 15,600,000 users, with 5,600,000 users, Instagram with 5,000,000 users and … Continue reading The Social Media Effect

Surveillance in Pop Culture

Created and Written by Alcyone Brigid Meehan, Annabelle Shao, Damian Ciccone and Jessie Hare Introduction Group 34 is composed of group members: Annabelle, Alcy, Damian and Jessie. In order to efficiently complete this collaboration of the surveillance story. Team members set up a group chat on twitter and also conducted an audio chat … Continue reading Surveillance in Pop Culture

AFL Players & Social Media

Digital media and the surveillance society... Surveillance society... Surveillance. We are constantly surrounded by surveillance; there is no stopping it now. Just incase you haven't realised it yet; next time you're out and about take a look around and tell me what you notice. On another note, this blog is going to focus on … Continue reading AFL Players & Social Media